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Project FAQ

Futurent is a Web3 investing platform for fractionalized Real estate and Metaverse properties, using a NFT technology - probably one-of-a-kind project out there. We like to say that Futurent is where the DeFi meets the real-world assets. With fully backed & secured portfolio, Futurent offers safe (and stable) passive income of even up to 90% APY. Our vision is to significantly contribute to the eventual mainstream adoption, putting many cutting-edge strategies in practice.

Futurent`s main goal is to provide the highest APY (passive income) in the safest and most secure manner possible and with it`s innovative approach we are one-of-a-kind out there.

Historically, there has been a need for safe and secure investing, particularly if it generates passive income; real estate has always been a popular and proven option. The major issues (even in traditional markets) are the lack of information, capital-intensive assets, accessibility, and assets liquidity.

Additionally, we can see significant and alarming security flaws in the yield-providing protocols, poor risk-management practices throughout the ecosystem, and a continuing vulnerability in the (crypto) market that hurts the community.

Blockchain or Web3 mainstream acceptance hasn`t yet reached the potential at all, due to lack of beneficial and easy-to-understand projects with sustainable revenue (yield) model.

Futurent successfully developed the business strategy that solve all of the aforementioned.

Asset Liquidity - NFT Bricks can be traded at any time and don't require any lockups. We will even offer buyback options to increase it.
Investment Security - All the NFTs are fully backed by assets and audited by top-tier partners.
Capital Intensive - No matter the value of portfolio asset, NFT Bricks are available to anyone, starting from just $50, with it`s fractionalization model.
Accessibility Issues - Simplifying the way of investing, global investment opportunities are available from anywhere, running 24/7 and in a reach of a few simple clicks.
Lack of Knowledge - Our highly skilled team of experts will extract only the best investment opportunities, also using an access to "off-market" deals when applicable.
Portfolio & Risk Management - Futurent is taking care of complete service on the management side and will be "supervised" through Semi-DAO governance and a fully transparent dashboard.
Market Vulnerability - NFT Bricks portfolio will consist of many market-neutral assets, which won`t be affected at the rainy days, generating steady passive income to all investors.
Mass Adoption - We see the key in a focus to user experience, integrating tools like FIAT on ramp wallet and actually delivering a solution to "non-crypto" users that can`t be even found in the traditional market.

We are using NFT technology as the best solution for instant transfer of the ownership (economic rights) transfer, smart contracts for automated revenues (passive income) distribution, DAO voting system, escrow wallets etc. and we are using several on-chain protocols, such as VRF, data verification, on-chain storage and similar.

We consider ourselves as a major contender in the stablecoin yield farming space, despite the fact that most people would expect us to be compared to other real-world assets tokenization protocols or even Metaverse marketplaces.

Our creative and innovative approach keeps us a bit away from projects like Propy, Parcl, Retok Finance, etc. Although most of the aforementioned projects share certain similarities, the core vision is where they diverge most significantly ...
All of the above aim to the big developers and major RE agencies/retailers, in order to provide access to the cryptocurrency community (buying power) and occasionally resolve processing bottlenecks by utilizing blockchain technology.

At Futurent, the buyer/investor is positioned in the first plan since we have the vision reversed! Our main objective with NFT Bricks is to provide the highest APY (passive income) in the safest and most secure manner possible, make it user-friendly for everyone, and upgrade it in accordance with the DAO Governance's will.

An emerging field, such as assets tokenization/fractionalization does require numerous projects, but we noticed similarities with only a few; LoftyAI, MetaIn and AqarChain.

We concentrated primarily on NFT Bricks, which is our core feature and already has some fantastic advantages as mentioned above. NFT Bricks will be supported by a number of significant collaborations, unmatchable internal expertise, and a continuing focus on improving every day.

In addition, we are adding a lot of sub-products that, as far as we know, no one is developing. Here are just a few examples...

Developer`s crowdfunding platform - Small investors will have access to early-stage projects that are far more profitable and typically available only to big players, while on the other side it will eliminate significant administrative and fund transfer concerns for the developers.
Metaverse properties "Pad" - In the course of our research, we have already identified a significant amount of interest in Metaverse among traditional market architects, designers, and developers. With this product, we hope to make the transition as seamless and simple as possible. It also represents a step towards our primary objective, which is mainstream adoption.
Leveraged NFT Bricks & Lending service - There are two more elements that will enhance various aspects, such investment optimization.

There are many other unique solutions that keeps as apart, but we have to keep something fort he future references …

The majority of Futurent's revenues will come from a very intricate and carefully considered fee structure model, and we are also taking a percentage interest in the NFT Bricks portfolio assets (the exact percentage varies on valuation). In doing so, we maintain our stake in the outcome and build community trust by initiating that we believe in our product!

The fee structure is difficult to explain in detail by words, but it primarily stems from purchase commissions, trading fees, the claiming system, etc. There are also various services that we'll offer, such as consulting, lending, collateral, marketing tools for retailers, etc. And the most importantly and previously mentioned, we are going to participate in our NFT Bricks portfolio ...

This will enable us to increase the company's assets significantly over time and the passive revenue generated with it, making it much simpler to grow the team appropriately and cover the additional costs along the way. Essentially, we will begin to generate income, or better said create profit, right after the launch in a variety of methods.

When we originally went live with the concept for the first time, attending the Agora event in Dubai, we individually interacted with a number of real estate brokers, developers, and were even invited to the Sheikh's office. Additionally, the team has many personal connections with investors from the conventional market in the crypto space.

Soon after, we discovered that demand on both sides of the business was considerably larger than we had anticipated. Actually, there was never even the slightest indication from any angle that this idea wouldn't be a good fit.

We can easily identify several amazing opportunities in the current market, that are even better than at our starting point. Again, we don't have quite enough words to express everything, but we would argue that the sheer number of teams wanting to enter the field (or something similar) must indicate something. However, we are still very early in this emerging sector, and there is a lot of ground to cover.

We estimate the initial TGE value of our NFT Bricks between $1.5 and $2.0 million to limit the risk and maintain high demand. Additionally, we have access to a $40 million portfolio that can rapidly meet a demand that may be oversubscribed.

Futurent will primarily target the yield farming users and real estate investors with limited resources as our core audience in the crypto space. To promote the project and gain the exposure, we will use at least 7 top marketing agencies (pre-arranged deals) and 250+ KOLs throughout the post-launch campaign. One of the main events will be a massive giveaway with prizes like a Tesla S or an luxury trip to Dubai (also promoting our sub-product, called NFT Giveaway tickets).

Optimized flexibility is adjusting the portfolio to demand; often, this entails leveraging the proceeds from sales to make additional purchases. As a result, we will modify our marketing efforts and decide on alternative target markets through ongoing study. When the portfolio is sufficient, we anticipate launching a significant marketing initiative in the second half of 2023 that will also target "non-crypto" customers.

Due to the bad market sentiments in the past several months, we concentrated on product upgrades and enhancements, but launched our social media platforms to test the waters. Without any special marketing initiatives, we choose to participate in a few AMAs and focus on generic growth and co-marketing collaborations. We presently have around 4.000 followers on Twitter and 1,500 members in our Telegram channel, but we are preparing to start a significant marketing campaign with (at least) seven reputable marketing partners.

We also put a lot of effort into networking and development during the past few months. Since then, we have formed numerous partnerships in various fields:

Accelerator - Sheesha finance
Investors - CryptoBotanika, Dutch Crypto Investors, MH Ventures, Empire VC, CA Capital, several private investors
Market making – GSR
Auditor – Hacken
Technical support - Chainlink, Chainstack and XP Network
Fiat Onramp wallet – Kriptomat
KYC/KYB provider – Synaps
Marketing partners - Luna PR, Token Suite, Alfa Catalyst, BTS Labs, MC Ventures, GAINS Associates
Several co-marketing collabs, incl. Polygon Studios

We are more than prepared to advance, and one of those major announcements is the release of the MVP!